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Offical Voter Info Guide Cal Statewide March 2, 2004 Primary Election 10-7-2003
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You will receive two Official Voter Information Guides in the mail. The Principal guide (green cover) contains information on Propositions 55 and 56. The Supplemental guide (blue cover) contains information on Propositions 57 and 58. The information from both guides is combined on this website.

Message Regarding Principal Voter Information Guide

Message Regarding Supplemental Voter Information Guide

A Message from Secretary of State Kevin Shelley
Regarding Principal Voter Information Guide

Dear Fellow Voter,

When we cast our votes, we shape the future of our state.

But like you, I want to make sure that I have as much information as possible before I make such an important decision. I know that it can be very difficult to find information on the candidates and on the election process.

That's why I have created a new voter information source at

This website contains vital information on the upcoming election and links to important sources where you can learn more about the candidates and issues. I hope you will visit and use the site as a resource before you vote.

A Message from Secretary of State Kevin Shelley
Regarding Supplemental Voter Information Guide

Dear Fellow Voter,

You may have already received the "regular" Voter Information Guide for the March 2, 2004, election. The regular Guide has a green cover.

We are sending you this Supplemental Voter Information Guide (blue cover) for the March 2, 2004 , election in order to provide you with information on measures that qualified for the ballot too late to be included in the regular Guide.

This Supplemental Voter Information Guide includes information on Propositions 57 (The Economic Recovery Bond Act) and 58 (The California Balanced Budget Act).

As always, I urge you to carefully review these materials. I hope you will also visit the Secretary of State's website at for more information concerning the March election.

Most importantly, do not forget to vote on March 2nd!

I, Kevin Shelley, Secretary of State of the State of California, do hereby certify that the measures included herein will be submitted to the electors of the State of California at the Primary Election to be held throughout the State on March 2, 2004, and that this guide has been correctly prepared in accordance with the law. Witness my hand and the Great Seal of the State in Sacramento, California, this 8th day of December, 2003.

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Kevin Shelley
Secretary of State

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